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It's a Woman's world but a dead end cul-de-sac with attitude! Society has made puppets out of these women, but they aren't leaving the world without a fight!


Enter the bizarre world of the dark comedy series 'Thatch Close' the women of the series are far from normal, it's a dog eat dog world and these bitches have no muzzles on...


Sit back and hold tight for the road ahead is a bumpy ride. Prepare yourselves for extreme storylines of power, wealth, blackmail, murder, love and friendships with shocking twists and characters such as: Deirdre Fisher a sex change trouble making gossip, Maria Welsh a lush in huge debt and living with a poltergeist.


Tanya Fisher a fun loving drug addict but a harmless hippie, Janet Bennett the only nice neighbour of the close and not forgetting the ongoing war between business woman Cheryl Hamilton who has just come out of rehab and on the road to recovery, until she falls in love with the village chairman whose wife is Carmel Thornton-Heath a drugs baron and an evil sadistic mad woman that's out for Cheryl's blood and turns her life upside down.


Follow the creator Darren Carrington and his journey through his own life experiences. Some true, some fiction and some just pure madness...


One thing's for sure the people of 'Stapleton' village might all be stuck out in the sticks but there's never a dull moment in 'Thatch Close'



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Thatch Close Puppetry

Cthulhu Sea Monster which starred in the music video Thumper monkey-Sleeve

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